February 2015

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Due to the weather conditions the Home and Executive Committee meetings for tonight are cancelled. The weather tonight will be in the teens and the melting that might occur today will freeze. No reasons to put anyone in harm’s way.

If you plan to visit the Chapter Home today, call first to make sure we are open. The parking lot has been plowed a couple times. Please drive carefully if you go out.

Welcome to the new Chapter 7 website!  Although still under construction, I hope that you’ll find this easier on the eyes, simpler to use, and informative.  I’m in the process of adding some Chapter history, information about the Chapter home, and some useful links. Please feel free to drop by as often as you’d like and, by all means, drop me a note or comment on this post if there’s something that you’d like to see or could use.

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Attention in the area!!!

September is Suicide Prevention Month
Sometimes all it takes to save a life is a
text, email, or phone call!

Click here for more information on how you can “Be There.”

Hurricane Michael has caused catastrophic damage and impacted millions. Get information on how to receive aid or how to make a gift to help veterans and their families in need.